What Can ORM Agencies Do for You?

Most ORM agencies can cost over $1,000 a month for suppression contracts, which is when a company or individual is experiencing the case of a bad press release that is shadowing their positive attributes. Whether it be a court case or an unfair customer raging-we have seen it all. However, maintenance contracts in which an ORM agency is hired after the bulk of the suppression has succeeded (i.e. when the bad press release has reached the second page of Google’s search engine results page or farther), can cost about half of the aforementioned fee. The ORM agency will ensure that the bad result doesn’t jump back through various measures, and may or may not continue to provide backlink juice for positive results (this depends on the customer’s preference).

“But why the steep cost?” we sometimes hear individuals ask. And you have a right to know where your money is going, however we are certain that this question will become more and more rare as the years go by. This is because you have to think about the pricing structure as one of a lawyer or consultant. Our ORM experts will dedicate hours of their time to leveraging positive news through crowdsourcing methods, creating neutral content to combat the fretful reviews and designing SEO sites for your benefit.

Here are the pillars of what we do as an agency to fight your bad news:

1) Monitor your social media platforms and search results: If ORM agents see a bad review, they can swiftly and politely respond to it in order to avoid a tidal wave effect of negative press. They have the technological prowess to get accurate alerts as to when a certain article changes position on Google, or from what site a bad press release was leaked on.
2) Take legal measures for slanderous press: Take Taco Bell’s 2013 incident, for instance. An employee published a photo of himself licking a rack of hard taco shells on the company’s Facebook page. It automatically got thousands of shares. Imagine if you had an ORM agency on your side? Bad news about large companies may spread like wild fire, but an ORM agency would be quick to respond and take down the bad news before it got out of hand. Also, this is the type of case where taking legal action for the removal of such content is possible. Whenever a news article or post is defamatory or hitched with falsities, ORM agencies can take the legal route.
3) We treat your company’s search results as a forward-facing predicament for your revenue. If results are bad, we will polish up Google’s results to let the positive truth subside. We are your best friend when it comes to generating long-lasting revenue.

Therefore, monitoring and reacting to bad electronic word-of-mouth is what we do. We will shape up your brand and pre-emptively protect it. If you think about it, the cost of hiring an ORM agency is incomparable to the thousands or even millions of dollars your company could lose because of a bad online reputation. Be proactive and protect your brand’s reputation today.