Reputation Management

Reputation management has become an important industry worldwide, with the use of Google search engine, maintaining or enhancing ones reputation can either be easy or difficult to manage. If a company is caught with a fine for environmental damages it can take quite a toll on their reputation; on the other hand, if the company has done a great job raising money for multiple charity organizations, this will further increase the companies name. The interesting thing about reputation is that it can take a long time to build it where you want it to be but it can also crumble in a matter of seconds. Many executives and companies realize the importance of reputation and they take this very seriously. The severity of reputation leads them to employ reputation management companies to properly watch over their position over the net. The number one place to look for any individual or company is through google.

Today, Google has become a huge part of our lives. You depend on Google as a child looking for explanations about dinosaurs to adults looking for intricate recipes or directions to a store. That is where you go for any form of information, whether it’s good news or bad news. Many companies are aware of this and with the employment of reputation management companies, search engine results can be altered to enhance ones own status. This is called SEO, search engine optimization. Twenty years ago, reputation management companies consisted of publicists. They knew how to present oneself within the media to build character but with the internet and the advancement in technology, reputation services extended to a new breed of “publicists.” These publicists were the kind who knew how to change the search engine results with just their keyboards and their minds.  This sparked a new industry called SEO services.

SEO service industry has flourished in the last decade. Many companies and individuals seek out services from these companies to further increase their reputation or awareness on Google. For instance, if an individual were to open a restaurant that serves blood pudding and a cow tongue sandwich with tarragon, not many people would walk into the restaurant; but, if there was an online presence where they reached out to people who loved to eat food of this caliber or people who liked to try new and weird items, reputation management services knew how to create such a presence online. SEO is electronic marketing and most marketers are leaning towards such services since it does not produce much overhead costs and easy to employ in the hands of an expert. The interesting thing about SEO is that it works. It is about being aware of the keywords people would use to search for something specific and by knowing the keywords, these firms can do wonders to the search results.

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