Bad Online Reputation: 5 Ways to Determine What’s Causing It

A bad online reputation is detrimental to your sales and company image. When people see mostly negative reviews, it’s a sign that something isn’t right and will send them looking in another direction. Once a bad reputation has begun, it can be difficult to reverse it and return your reputation back to normal. However, there are five ways that can help you determine what is causing it in order to fix your online reputation.

1. Negative Reviews

While this may seem obvious, many companies don’t check review websites to see what their past clients have said about them. Not only that, but there could be fake negative reviews that aren’t being found and reported. If a person in the company is dedicated to monitoring review websites, you can be more in control over what is being said about your business.

2. Issue is of Interest to Others

There could be a negative article written about your business, but if it isn’t of interest to others, it won’t do much damage to your online reputation. However, if the general public is interested in the negative article, their interest will make it harder to push down and easier to continue ranking high on search engine results.

3. Comment Activity on Social Media

If your business has social media accounts, but aren’t monitoring the comment activity, you could be opening your business up for a poor reputation. Many businesses on social media will have at least a few past customers who are voicing their opinion on poor service. If you’re not there to respond, it appears as though your business isn’t keeping in mind the satisfaction of its customers. By keeping an eye on comment activity and by responding to negative comments, you will become more in control of your online reputation.

4. Negative Information Ranks High on Search Pages

If links to negative articles rank high on search pages, such as major news sites, government sites, etc. that are already filled with high traffic, it can be very difficult to move those articles down. Due to these types of pages remaining high on search engine results, your online reputation could go down quickly.

5. Lack of Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of any business. When a person leaves a negative review, comment or even writes a negative article about your business, you need a representative to respond in a caring way. There are many ways customer service can handle negative comments, reviews, and articles and by utilizing them, you will be able to redeem your business and maintain a good reputation.

Rebuilding Your Reputation

We understand the difficulties that come with maintain your online reputation. We know that it takes work and dedication to maintain a good reputation, and we understand that it takes time and hard work to build a reputation back up to good standing. This is why we ensure that our clients are best educated and informed about how to achieve a good reputation. We understand how to repair your online reputation so you can continue to reach your business goals.

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