3 Tips for Inbound Marketing

Marketing has a wide variety of aspects where you can focus on sales, advertising/promotion, research and customer service. However, if one were to be precise, inbound marketing is quite detrimental to many companies today. What is inbound marketing? Simply put, it is the promotion of the organization or product through blogs, podcasts, newsletters, SEO, social media and other forms of content marketing which works to attract customers throughout the various stages of the purchase cycle. With many theories and strategies concerning inbound marketing, it can be quite simple to execute as long as you follow three simple tips.

Tip #1: Know The People You Are Trying To Reach

It is quite useful to build a client persona and ask yourself, “what type of person am I trying to attract or reach?” If you are a company that sells musical instruments, would you be located up north near farms or industrial companies? Most likely not.

What helps is to create a list of personality traits of an individual you want to reach out. One of the best ways to figure out these personality traits is through research by using surveys. It’s quite simple to conduct and depending on the material, very fast and inexpensive to acquire the information needed.

Tip #2: Be At The Location Of Your Customers

Positioning is key to success because any organization must be easy to access by customers. Expecting clients to come to wherever you are is extremely risky depending on the nature of your product or service. In order to maximize on potential sales, one must need to focus on deciding on a prime location for the business. If you were a greasy burger joint, you’re not going to set up shop next to a gym or yoga studio. You need to know where and when your clients will be if they are hungry or craving a burger. The usual rushes for food is between 11 am to 1 pm and then 4 pm to 7 pm. You make sure you set up in a busy pedestrian area and in front of work places where all the employees who don’t bring a lunch can eat out at your burger joint. Another important aspect is online awareness. This is achievable by posting content regularly on your blogs or social media pages and having a link back to your website is a huge plus.

Tip #3: Regular Contact with Customers Helps To Build Long-Term Relationships

You go shopping at your favourite mall for some winter clothing and after three hours of spending money, you come back to your car with many flyers for Chinese food under your windshield wipers. Out of a 100 cars, one or two people are bound to succumb to their tastebuds which are triggered by the flyer.

Flyers and coupons are very effective tools to maintaining constant contact with their customers. Especially coupons when they appear regularly from the mail, newspapers and social media. Remember to focus on potential, current and former clients; best way to focus on them is by nurturing. Learn to innovate at the right moment, communicate concisely, and educate your clients in order to keep them attracted to your products and services. This also serves as a regular reminder that you are probably the best solution for their needs or wants.

The main purpose of inbound marketing is to attract companies with a solid reputation. Either you have a reputation of providing amazing customer service or insightful information regarding the industry you are apart of. Attracting clients can never be easily executed without a solid reputation to back up your name and that is built over time with outstanding customer service.

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